Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Fan Favourites or Hidden Treasures.???

What movies appeal to you more, the massive action packed $100 million dollar blockbuster. Or the film that hardly anyone has ever heard of. For example, how many people have watched the movie Bubba Ho-tep? In comparison to say, Spiderman. I mean there are certainly a lot of hidden gems out there in movie land. But it just seems that most of the "Blockbuster" movies all have similar plots, mostly same actors/actresses and a budget that would be unheard of in an indie flicks production. 

Are there any of you that have films of your own you have enjoyed more than the mainstream titles that are being mass produced. I mean, how many people do you know that have sat and watched Pan's Labyrinth and found it generally creepier (if not scarier in some places) than a lot of movies that are designed to be horro films. (I am looking at you remakes of Halloween, and Nightmare on Elm street).

I am, by no means knocking the Bigger budgeted titles, some of my favourite films are amongst them, it is just a shame that what people watch and enjoy nowadays seem to be defined by the stars in the film, or which scene has the best car chase, biggest explosion, or in some cases nudity or profanities. Maybe if the supposedly bigshot actors and actresses took a look at some of the lesser known starlets they might understand what it means to be an actor. 

Just my take on things, feel free to critique or add your own insights if you want to share any of the films you think deserved more recognition.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

What's your favourite episode of Buffy?

Ok I know that Buffy hasnt been around for a long time, but considering the fact they are making a new film based on her, I thought there may be some fans of the show who still enjoying remeniscing about such a great show.

As for my personal favourite, I think I am going to have to say Once more with feeling stands out. The fact that a show such as this existed in the first place and actually became as popular as it was (and still is to many of us), is because of the fantastic cast and crew, the writers and actors who put the life into the characters pulled off many things that had never been done in a show that was based on a female character who fought vampires and other nasties, whilst dealing with the every day things a normal teenager would have to deal with.  But Once more was the pinnacle of this in my humble opinion.

The whole cast sang or danced (even Allyson Hannigan who has said in interviews that she was a terrible singer), the whole episode was one hell of a journey, so many things happening and most of it was acted out through the power of songs. Several of these songs have found a permanent home on my music lists and I am not afraid to admit that I know most, if not all the words for every one of them. Highlights would include Spike's impromtu rock performance whilst trying to tell Buffy he no longer wants to be treated like an object, but he is still very much the "willing slave", and Tara's "Under your Spell" serenade to the Power of Willow, something that Joss Whedon was quoted as saying it was akin to musical pornography.

I just hope that when the new film is released, it does at least pay the highest homage to the television series, I am going to watch it and judge for myself, however I am definately not going to hold my breath in anticipation of it being a true "Buffy" movie. I hope I am proven horribly wrong.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Ninja Kittens

Cats, as we all know are devious and mischievious, I think I have found proof as to how they became the conniving yet oh so funny animals we all know and love.

If that wasnt proof that they are being trained for the purpose of taking over the human species, perhaps this picture will change your mind.

Just a quick reminder, check under your cars. There always seems to be a cat there as if he or she is your very own mechanic, and you look at them and they sort of give you the "I am allowed to be here" look, either that or they do their dracula Kung Fu moves (yes I borrowed that joke from Lee Evans) Kudos if you are a fan.